Our Services

Portlaoise Dental provide a complete range of general dental services. We will advise you on the necessary treatments to maintain your oral and dental health, guiding you through the process with care and consideration at every step.

Examination (including up to 2 small x-rays)

The initial consultation and examination will allow us to determine the state of your dental health and decide on any further treatments which may be necessary.


Scale & Polish

A scale and polish is an essential element of oral health, perfect for improving your dental hygiene and restoring your smile. Deposits of tartar and stains are scaled away from the surface of your teeth. Your teeth are then polished leaving them looking great and your gums healthy.

Try our local anaesthetic gel - a needle free way of improving your comfort during teeth cleaning! A favourite with nervous patients!


with local anaesthetic gel:


Exam / Scale & Polish together

Combine a general oral check-up with an immediate improvement to your dental health.


Child’s Exam

Your child’s dental health is essential to their overall physical wellbeing. Regular trips to the dentist establish dental care habits that will stand to your child for the rest of their life. Portlaoise Dental is a family-run clinic that strives to create a welcoming, comforting environment so that your child is not nervous about their dental check-up.


Portlaoise Dental provide a full range of dental services in a relaxed, welcoming environment. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Small X-Ray





A dental filling is necessary when part of a tooth has been damaged or lost. This can happen for many reasons, most commonly due to decay, which is a disease caused by eating/drinking excess sugar. At Portlaoise Dental we use tooth coloured filling materials when possible to reduce the visibility of the filling.



In some circumstances it becomes necessary to remove a tooth. Portlaoise Dental carry out all extractions with precision and skill to ensure our patients comfort and care. The appropriate anaesthetic is provided for all extractions and after-care, including pain management advice, is a priority.


Root Canal Treatment (including x-rays)

Root Canal treatment is necessary when the blood or nerve supply of the tooth suffers an infection. Without treatment, the tooth may need to be removed. Root canal allows us to save the tooth.

Incisor: €320

Premolar: €420

Molar: €550

Surgical Extraction

Surgical extraction is necessity for some teeth. Portlaoise Dental will guide you through the process of surgical extraction, from the initial anaesthetic to appropriate after care.


Deep Cleaning/Gum Treatment

Deep cleaning/gum treatment removes plaque and tartar from deep within the pocket between the tooth and gum. It helps to maintain long-term dental health by removing the bacteria that cause gum disease and allowing the gums to return to a healthy condition.


per session
(2-4 sessions)

Portlaoise Dental provide a full range of dental services in a relaxed, welcoming environment. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Crown (including x-rays)

A crown or onlay is a dental restoration that is placed over the remaining part of a severely damaged tooth, designed to improve the strength and appearance of the damaged tooth.
A crown covers the whole tooth and is more appropriate for very severely damaged teeth.
An Onlay covers part of the tooth - for less severely damaged teeth.



Veneers are used to restore the natural shade and shape of your teeth when they have suffered damage or discolouration. They improve the appearance of your smile.


Bridge (including x-rays)

A bridge is dental treatment used to replace a missing tooth. Portlaoise Dental will tailor the bridge to suit your dental needs.


per unit

Tooth Whitening

If you are concerned that your teeth have become unsightly or discoloured, we can assist you. Portlaoise Dental carry out teeth whitening to restore the natural colour of your teeth.



Dentures are a cost effective way to replace one or more missing teeth. Portlaoise Dental will tailor your dentures to you and your mouth, ensuring that your dentures are comfortable and durable. We have several options available and will discuss these with you to find the dentures that best suit you.

Partial Acrylic Denture: €300-€600

Partial Chrome Denture: €1200-€1500

Full Dentures: €600 each

Full Dentures: €1000 for set
(upper and lower)